Kongoni Game Valley is nestled among the volcanic hills on the edge of Lake Naivasha in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. It is 120km North-West of Nairobi - just a two hour drive from the city.

The reserve is situated on an ancient volcanic shelf elevated above Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien, and is natural viewing terrace. The area is characterized by a wide belt of acacia trees and a panorama of extinct volcanic cones surrounding the large freshwater lake, and natural hot springs and geysers steaming in the distance – a landscape shaped by its turbulent volcanic past.

Lake Naivasha and the surrounding wetland is an important habitat for a multitude of wildlife and bird species.
Naivasha climate
GPS coordinates:
0°49’40.15” S
36°15’43.36” E
7000 ft (1926m)
warm days (sometimes hot), cool nights, very low humidity
Malaria prevention:
Naivasha is a very low risk area for malaria. It is each guest’s personal decision whether to take preventative medication in consultation with their medical practitioner.
How to get there:
  • Approximately a 2 hour drive from Nairobi on paved roads.
  • Approximately a 3-5 hours drive from the Masai Mara, mostly on paved roads.
  • Kongoni Game Valley & ARR Reserve is just before Kongoni Village, about 35 minutes drive down Moi South Lake Road (off the Lower Nairobi Road near Naivasha Town).
  • Safarilink daily scheduled flight from Wilson Airport to Loldia Air Strip
  • Safarilink daily scheduled flight from Masai Mara to Loldia Air Strip
  • Charter flights can land at our Mundui airstrip
  • Helicopter flights can land at our Kongoni helipads
+254 787 445 207 / +254 706 754 714
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