About us
Kongoni Game Valley is a private wildlife conservancy in the Great Rift Valley; nestled in the volcanic hills and open grasslands of the Western edge of Lake Naivasha.
With 2000 acres of pristine wilderness to enjoy and explore exclusively, Kongoni Game Valley is open to those who want to experience the tranquility of Africa, away from the crowds.

A century old farmhouse, now modernized and converted to a Lodge, provides comfortable accommodation in large bedroom suites surrounding a central courtyard. "Kongoni" is the Kiswahili word for Hartebeest, which is a species of antelope commonly found in the area. 

The land once belonged to Count Roger De Perigny and his American wife, Margaret Thaw, who came to Africa in the early 1920s. Together they established their African retreat, which became their home for 20 years. The Lodge and surroundings have changed little since their times and when you arrive you will understand their passion for this special place.

Margaret Zak, the current owner, bought the land in 2009 and is dedicated to conserving its wilderness and wildlife. Margaret visits often and is committed to maintaining the area's flora and fauna.
Only a two hour drive from Nairobi, Kongoni Game Valley is the perfect romantic escape or weekend getaway for family and friends. The spectacular scenery makes it an ideal venue for weddings and events.
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